You may have seen the headlines recently that the Satanic Temple is fighting to bring an extracurricular program called ‘After School Satan’ to public schools across America.

Before you get your god-fearing girdles in a twist, get out the bolt cutters and pry open that rusted padlock that’s been affixed to your mind since birth. Our kids deserve to know the truth (spoiler: dinosaurs are real), and the evangelical ‘Good News Clubs’ currently operating in schools across the US sure as hell aren’t telling it. We spoke with the Satanic Temple’s founder, Lucien Greaves, to discuss their program’s purpose and curriculum, and why fundamentalist zealots are way scarier than Satan could ever be.

Let’s set the record straight right off the bat—are you guys really trying to teach the word of Satan to kids, and if so, what is the word of Satan?

To be clear, the After School Satan Club curriculum does not contain items of religious opinion, insofar as we offer no commentary upon religious practice, customs, or mythology. Our curriculum focuses on fun activities that teach children critical thinking skills, cultivate their curiosity, and help them to develop a sense of scientific exploration. Children certainly do not need to identify as Satanists to be part of our after-school program, and we’re absolutely not interested in proselytizing. We uphold science as the best arbiter of truth claims, and one should always be prepared to revise their beliefs based upon the best available evidence. In contrast to the Evangelical “Good News Clubs” which indoctrinate children with a twisted, subjugating fundamentalist form of superstition, we hope to provide children with the cognitive tools to appreciate and better understand the natural wonders around them. With that all said, however, we view Satan as a metaphorical icon for the eternal fight against tyranny; so the goal of After School Satan Clubs—developing freethinking autonomy in the face of oppressive superstition—is every bit in line with Satanic principles. - Read the full story on Monster Children