Last month, following a legal letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the City of Belle Plaine, MN, removed a large concrete cross from their park. Christian citizens were outraged and, thinking themselves clever, the City Council moved to re-erect the cross as a private donation, thus opening the grounds as a “limited public forum”, meaning that other private donors are allowed to offer displays of their own and the Government neither endorses nor censors based upon viewpoint. The cross, it was said, stood as a memorial to veterans, and the park is meant to harbor private displays that pay homage to the Armed Forces. TST spokesperson, Lucien Greaves stated, “The selfless individuals who have fought and died for our Constitutional liberties, including freedom of, and from, religion, deserve to be memorialized respectfully, and in a manner that doesn’t undermine the very freedoms they fought for. To have a Veteran’s Memorial that shows preference for one religion over another, or religion over non-religion, is an insult. However, a public forum where different religious groups are given opportunity to pay homage to our veterans, highlighting our pluralism and First Amendment freedoms, is, I think, a positive memorial.”

Artist Chris P. Andres designed the Satanic veteran’s memorial describing it as “a sort of somber Kabaa stone with a soldier’s helmet as a chalice – The stark rectangle recalls the work of sculptor Tony Smith (Die, 1962) – a block being an […] allusion to the cube of perfection of a master mason as a symbol of humanistic perfection through curiosity and reason. The four pentagrams recall the four corners of the earth – they serve as a reminder to the viewer of the Satanic/ pagan symbols/ ideas sacred to soldiers that sacrificed – The black is a cold memory in mourning and a field of mystery and imagination – the gold is a Luciferian light reflecting light onto the view like a sacred icon. The empty helmet is now a Baphometic bowl of wisdom, a void, a protective vessel of the mind and intellect -memories of the fallen can be psychically deposited, physical notes, names, fruit offering can be left in the monument – This monument produces an interaction- it resembles a ritualistic sacrament as if it is to be used for something.”

Our application for monument placement has been made out to Belle Plaine. Please consider contributing for the commission of this beautiful as well as the potential legal battle ahead: SHOP SATAN

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