We are pleased to announce that TST Military at Large (MaL) group is now formed!
A few things:
This will be an online community for LHP identifying military members (active, Reserve, or Guard) and DoD civilians only. Veterans and contractors need not apply.
There will only be two unaffiliated civilians in the group: our ordained TST member and our National Council representative.

We hope to have an online community where we can share our experiences, lessons learned, etc as Satanists and DoD members. It is a unique position to be in. Expect to see recommended reading and various LHP related discussion topics as we grow.

If you're interested in becoming a member, please email and we will send you the questionnaire that must be filled out. In addition to the questionnaire, we require you to submit proof of service: SF-50 for govies, SURFs, upcoming PCS orders....SOMETHING that proves you're currently employed with the DoD. Personally Identifying Information will not be shared with anyone else.