This is the second year in a row TST-AZ has been given recognition from the Phoenix New Times News. In 2016 New Times awarded the chapter “Best Political Stunt” for requesting to give a City Council invocation, resulting in the City of Phoenix being forced to change it’s policy on prayers before meetings after a particularly outlandish public comment period.

It’s nice to see that we’re not just a Stunt or Troll group to them anymore and are being recognized for our deeds and community outreach.
One of Scottsdale’s claims when they rejected our Invocation application was that we had no substantial community ties. This flies in the face of that accusation.

Hail Satan!

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“Often, it seems like The Satanic Temple exists solely for the purpose of trolling the Christian right. The group frequently makes headlines by proposing to start After School Satan Clubs at elementary schools, or requesting to give invocations at city council meetings. While reminding public officials about the separation of church and state is a worthy objective in its own right, the Satanists have recently been showing off their more philanthropic side with a campaign designed to make sure that disadvantaged women and girls have access to menstrual products. “Menstruatin’ With Satan” collected sanitary pads, napkins, and menstrual cups for the YWCA, which in turn distributed them to women’s shelters and community groups across the state. The fact that many women can’t afford to buy basic hygienic supplies is a glaring problem that’s frequently overlooked by would-be do-gooders who are too squeamish to acknowledge the existence of menstrual blood, and it’s one that we’re glad to see our local band of civic-minded Satanists taking on.”

CLICK HERE to read commentary by TST AZ chapter head Michelle Shortt