The Satanic Temple Sues Arkansas Over Monument

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“Rapert has so loudly declared his unconstitutional agenda so often that he’s destroyed any credible legal defense of his efforts. In the future, the well-financed, well-organized theocrats who use easily-manipulated fools like Rapert to advance their hostile coup against democratic pluralism and religious liberty, would be well advised to find useful idiots who are somewhat less idiotic” – Lucien Greaves

On April 26, Senator Stanley “Jason” Rapert (R-Conway, AR) followed through on his promise to reinstall a Ten Commandments monument on the Little Rock Capitol grounds after the previous one was destroyed in June 2017. Consequently, a number of secular and atheist organizations have announced that they will follow through with their promised lawsuits against the state due to this egregious constitutional violation on display.

While the other announced lawsuits from the FFRF, ACLU, AHA et al. jointly aim to have the offending monument removed from the public space altogether, The Satanic Temple is launching a suit of its own to demand that the Baphomet statue (currently housed at its Salem HQ) be erected at the same site in the interests of religious plurality.

In an official statement, Lucien Greaves noted that the Arkansas state constitution holds that “no preference shall ever be given, by law, to any religious establishment, denomination or mode of worship, above any other”. As with the previous Oklahoma lawsuit in 2014, The Satanic Temple intends to ensure that the state either upholds its own charter by allowing the Baphomet to be installed; or rescind its apparent endorsement of the Christian religion on government grounds.