Everyone, meet Zachary King, who really, really wants Christians’ time and attention–and of course also their money.

He wants it all so much that he’s willing to lie about anything to get it.

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A follow up article to the one mentioned above

The Cult of “Before” Stories: A Mega-Review of Zachary King’s Testimony.

"Last time we met up, we were talking about a new-ish wrinkle in the anti-abortion culture wars: a guy who has fused that culture war with the earlier Satanic Panic to come out with a fake testimony about having been a Satanic Wiccan (or is it Wiccan Satanist?) who totally helped perform over a hundred abortions..."

"But wow, gang, Zachary King’s fake testimony is literally all he has to offer the world. The wide-eyed admiration this lie gets him is literally all he has to feel good about himself. He’s barely a Z-list Christian celebrity–definitely not wealthy or powerful. He’s a total embarrassment to the religion, a fake and a phony–and he’s rapidly nearing the end of a lackluster life built upon and marked by dishonesty and deception.

There’s no curse that any real wizard could ever lay upon him that would be worse than the life this conjob wakes up to every morning."

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