The biggest misunderstanding is that most people don’t know what Satanism actually is. The Satanic Temple is atheistic, we have no deities. Many of your questions may be answered on our website.

But the issue is not about what we believe in, it is about plurality and religious liberty no matter what denomination and now the shameful acts of the Phoenix City Council who blatantly discriminate against us by creating new rules to exclude any non-theist from giving any future invocations.

“The current system allows groups to call the city clerk’s office to schedule a date. The new system would mimic what the state legislature does: The mayor and eight council members would select the prayer leader on a rotating basis.
The four council members — Jim Waring; Sal DiCiccio; Bill Gates; and Michael Nowakowski — want the new rule adopted with an emergency clause, allowing it to take effect within 24 hours. Waring told 12 News that the Satanists would then be disinvited.”

“If city council members get to pre-approve invocation speakers, what hope will there be for non-Christians? What ratio would they even use — three Christians and a Jew on loop? Christian, Hindu, Christian, Muslim? There’s no answer you can give that wouldn’t exclude some group of people


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