The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent the demand letter to the City of Phoenix. We will not be disenfranchised. Thank you for the support!

“The city’s retreat from an inclusive invocation policy is yet another unconstitutional attempt to keep members of the Satanic Temple from participating in pre-meeting prayer. The city has repeatedly maneuvered to keep the Temple’s members out of its meetings, first by voting to suspend opening prayers less than two weeks before the Temple’s scheduled invocation, and now by enacting a new policy that brings back prayer, but keeps everyone but city-employed chaplains from participating. This is clear discrimination that no policy—other than an open, nondiscriminatory policy—can fix. Countless statements made by city councilors state, with admirable clarity, the discriminatory intent of the changes. Any court examining the issue will certainly take these admissions into account.”- excerpt from the letter the FFRF send to the Phoenix City Council