“A recent unhappy verdict in a Chicago-area Satanist’s legal battle against the post-1956 U.S. Motto “In God We Trust” on paper currency prompts some reflections on how atheistic Satanists and secularists might frame arguments against the increasingly ubiquitous appearance of those words on everything from money to government envelopes and police cruisers to the walls of public schools. I argue that the semantics of the personal pronoun we make the motto offensive and oppressive merely to read and interpret, forcing one who denies the existence of God or gods either to assent in mind to a lie or to accept that he or she is not a proper member of the body politic of the United States, itself a lie for atheist citizens. Maybe my tongue’s a tad tucked into my cheek on this one, but I would so love to see how the courts would respond to these arguments. To enter the legal and linguistic fray more fully, click here.” – The Devil’s Fane

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