Chalice Blythe of The Satanic Temple’s Grey Faction summarizes the strange case of Jude Mirra, an eight-year old boy who was murdered by his delusional mother. She believed that in ending her child’s life she was sparing him a future of tortures at the hands of an unseen Satanic cult conspiracy. Grey Faction research reveals the multiple failures in institutional oversight that allowed Jude’s murderous mother to seek confirmation for her paranoid beliefs among mental health professionals who subscribe to debunked Satanic Panic conspiracy theories and practice discredited therapeutic methods to support those beliefs. Ellen Lacter, whom Jude’s mother consulted with prior to killing him, believes in Satanic and “witchcraft” cult conspiracies that aspire to dominate citizens of the world by way of trauma-based mind-control. Ellen Lacter is part of a larger society of pseudoscientific mental health care best exemplified in an organization known as the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation.

For the full Grey Faction report regarding this case, please see:

The ISSTD & The Death of Jude Mirra