Dr. Julie Kwatra, the legislative chair of the American Congress of Obstetricians in Arizona, also told Rewire that the bill doesn’t just affect late-term abortions, which are oftentimes difficult terminations of wanted pregnancies due to health risks and genetic abnormalities that a mother or infant wouldn't survive. The bill would also force doctors to do the unthinkable, even if it doesn't make scientific sense.

In Arizona, the vast majority of terminations are provided before 20 weeks, and the ones after 20 weeks are performed overwhelmingly in cases of fetal anomalies. To force a neonatologist to resuscitate a baby that has a zero chance of survival … this law is going to force doctors to practice against the standard of care.
Kwatra argues that this bill ultimately harms patients who would otherwise be given the chance to grieve the termination of a wanted pregnancy by requiring medical professionals to forgo their best judgment (based on science) and perform "invasive procedures" that wouldn't save a life.

Aside from placing a medically unnecessary financial strain on clinics that are already struggling, the bill puts a deep emotional and professional strain on providers and patients. In continuing to foster a culture that rejects science and demonizes the healthcare providers attempting to help pregnant people through difficult times, this bill is both anti-science and plain cruel.

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