Calling all TST AZ retro gamers,

Once again, it is time for another meet & greet at our favorite barcade, The Grid Games & Growlers!
For those who wish to have a more involved role within the chapter, this is your chance to meet TST AZ Council Members, ask questions, and receive information on current campaigns and future events.

The Grid has graciously hosted a Menstruatin with Satan dropbox for the second year in a row and we couldn’t be more delighted to have them collaborate with us in this charity run to help disadvantaged people receive free menstrual products. Please bring an item to donate, such as in-box tampons, pads, and mentrual cups. Donations will be given to the YWCA of Southern Arizona Project Period where they will be distributed to various shelters in the area.

As a fun activity, we will be hosting a Super Smash Bros competition where the winners will receive a TST AZ goody bag! Let the best character win!

For more information on Menstruatin with Satan, click HERE

New Merch will be available for purchase and last year’s merch will be on sale! Proceeds help fund TST AZ’s campaigns and events

Photos from the event: