The Satanic Temple Arizona is launching a comprehensive Satanic blog and we will be holding regular contests for our local membership and TST as a whole to get their voice out in the satanic community. We want to hear from you!

Second Tenet Essay Contest

We are now accepting submissions for our Second Tenet contest. We want to hear your view on the Second Tenet:

  • The struggle for justice is an ongoing and necessary pursuit that should prevail over laws and institutions.

How do you apply it, how does it affect you or your community? How do the other tenets affect this one? Don't just answer these questions, write an essay or editorial or simply a blog post about it. Find your angle and tackle this subject. We will make a selection or selections and post them on our site. Good luck and happy writing.


Submissions should be at a minimum 500 words in length and conform to AP style rules to the best of your ability. Articles should be sourced and accurate where applicable. We don't push fake news here, so ensure your sources are reputable.

Send submissions to

Disclaimer: By submitting to this contest you agree that the work submitted is your own and you grant license to Adversarial Truth, LLC for use in online media distribution in perpetuity and grant Adversarial Truth exclusive license for a period of 60 days.