Satanism & American Racism

There is a Confederate flag in the Satanic Temple headquarters in Salem. I installed it. I hate that flag. I defaced it. I saturated in with black liquid rubber to coat it with the hue of death and the blackness of the Black lives that continuously suffer at it what is has always represented – White Supremacy. I also defaced an America Flag – I whitewashed it – showing the desired outcome of White Supremacy – No Otherness.

Look at the White Archangel Michael subduing the dark-skinned Devil. The cliché is old, white is good and pure; black is corrupt and evil. I often invert that cliché in my work– making the Romantic Satan beloved by The Satanic Temple as a beautiful and Black symbol of the Other as a triumphant individual over an oppressive authority.

Black people have been, and continue to be, literally and symbolically hoodwinked, bamboozled, and scape-goated , by both subtle and extreme forms of White Supremacy. Satanists deeply understand the scape-goat and identify with it. Satan is the Scapegoat; Baphomet is the Scapegoat; the Serpent is the Scapegoat. Left-handed path people tend to like the color black – the color of the Other.

Blind Tom was a real person who was enslaved and exploited by White Supremacists for his genius musical abilities. I made his skin blue and grey –Union and Confederate, bruised and dead, blue as in the darkest of Black skin and grey for the Baphometic blurring of the extremes of black and white.

I gave Blind Tom prosthetic eyes like Blind Mag – blue like Pecola Breedlove at the end of Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye. He is in the crucifixion pose like the ultimate martyr. He holds two Black Christmas angels – small attempts to invert the oldest cliché.

Above Blind Tom is the Satanic pentagram – a mystic symbol of humanism but with the left-handed inverse needed in this epoch to guide us back to dissolving our fixed identities into wholeness.

Finally, in front of Blind Tom, is an avatar cradling a fetal Baphomet – a new and nascent form of the reconciliations of all that separates us from one another.

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-Chris P Andres, on Blind Tom’s America. Currently on display at The Satanic Temple Salem