"The city is not going to deviate from its long-standing practice of having the invocation given only by representatives from institutions that have a substantial connection to the Scottsdale community," Kelly Corsette with the City of Scottsdale said in a statement Monday afternoon.

Corsette said arrangements were being made to have someone else give the invocation on July 6.

"They are just stifling the minority and doing it for their own selfish purposes. They should be ashamed to be representatives of Scottsdale," said Michelle Shortt of the Arizona chapter of The Satanic Temple.

Shortt said the group was reviewing its legal options, and might file a lawsuit.

"Appealing to tradition, that's still unconstitutional. Slavery was as a tradition up until it got abolished. You can't appeal to tradition and expect to get away with discriminating against an entire group of people," Shortt said.

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