Satanic Temple deals with threats, Twitter ban

SALEM — It was a busy weekend for the Satanic Temple, with potential legal action against Twitter on Friday and a threatening person showing up on their doorstep on Saturday.

But by Tuesday, everything had been resolved.

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The Attack On The Satanic Temple Headquarters

" It looks like no one was hurt. However, it looks like no one was hurt due to security measures already in place at the headquarters."

"Today a man came to our headquarters in Salem smashing one of our outlet covers and apparently looking for a way inside. When we confronted him, he threatened us with what appeared to be a sharpened screwdriver. He is now in custody.

Of course, this comes only a day after news outlets reported upon my Twitter ban, noting that my ban is result of my outcry against Twitter's refusal to take action upon direct threats to the Salem TST headquarters property. I have no way, right now, of knowing what directly inspired this man's actions today, but I do know that when threats of violence against us seem to have the sanction of social media mega-giants, delusional would-be heroes against an imaginary Satanic Cult Conspiracy are likely to feel emboldened. When the public is aware that threats of violence against The Satanic Temple are not considered "real" threats, merely because of who we are, should we be surprised if some people come to believe that actual violence against us is perfectly acceptable?" - Lucien Greaves

Following the attack on The Satanic Temple HQ, Twitter mysteriously reinstates Lucien's account