Satanic Mass ft. 3teeth, Author & Punisher, Coven of Ashes
The Satanic Temple - Los Angeles Chapter

TST AZ had a great time visiting the LA chapter for their Satanic Mass. Chapter heads from all over the country finally met face to face after months of toil for the same cause- This trip united us in friendship. We had to photoshop Fred's head in the featured photo since the press cut him off 😀

Here are a few articles there were written about the event:

Golden State Haunts

LA Weekly

The Sun

Daily Mail

"The Satanic Temple Of Los Angeles, a chapter of a nationwide satanic organization, hosted a massive 'black mass' Saturday night, complete with a live bloodletting ritual and a 45-minute lecture about demonic cats.

Guests could also attend a destruction ritual and an invocation ritual, both with live music. The event doubled as a fundraiser for the chapter's causes, with include women's reproductive rights, the First Amendment and prisoner's rights.

The Satanic Temple, headquartered in Salem, Massachusetts, has 24 chapters across the United states. Members of the movement, which calls itself an organized religion, do not believe in a personal Satan but say they preach rationalism and reject superstition."