Join us at The Satanic Temple- Salem HQ for a presentation hosted by the Arizona Chapter Head, Michelle Shortt.

Sexual repression is a Christian aspect that has infiltrated our culture and stunted our population’s perspective into believing that sex, and anything associated with it, to be shunned and viewed with disdain. For centuries, free-thinking and sexually liberated women, in particular, have been the victims of persecution were many were subsequently labeled as witches and , if they were lucky, exiled from their communities.

The inhibition of a woman’s sexual desires and erotic prowess is not inherently a feminist viewpoint as it insinuates her body’s natural urges to be “sinful” or exploitative of her womanly demeanor. This position, that sexuality is in essence a form of abuse, was adopted by early feminist groups and fueled many cases during the Satanic Panic era.

The hypocrisy of publicly oppressing sex workers while enjoying the fruits of the industry behind closed doors is still alive and well to this day and while society would like to portray a sex worker as a broken and beat down woman- most women within the industry find their occupation as a form of self-empowerment.

Michelle has 12 years experience as an exotic dancer and applies Satanic feminism to her work within the industry in many forms. The Art of Seduction is rooted within the Left Hand Path philosophy were Lesser Magic is the guiding principle to attain a desired outcome. Satanic feminism also facilitates the establishment of firm guidelines pertaining to the worker’s boundaries because the Satanic feminist sex-worker is always in control of her surroundings, even when her client has been misled into believing otherwise.