Individual action is a topic that comes up frequently since TST has become so publicly active. A lot of people coming into the organization are excited to find a community and want to share their passions. Of course the organization isn’t a clearing house for everyone’s pet projects, so much time is spent discussing that such a group just can’t be all things to all people. In my experience newcomers tend to react to this in one of two ways. Either they become immediately frustrated and leave when they can’t muster support for their passion project, or they understand that just because the organization can’t lend support there’s nothing stopping them from working on their own or with others as individuals. (This is why when you listen to a show like Black Mass Appeal or read my About Page there’s always a disclaimer about not speaking for the organization.)

Evan falls into the latter of the two camps. When he found differing opinions within the TST community, he instead continued to participate with the group while pursuing his homelessness activism on his own (though his chapter does lend some support by partnering with groups like Atheists Helping the Homeless for donation drives.)