Satan in the Park 2 was a success! Lots of new faces showed up and tons of food was shared among friends.

The Satanic Temple - Arizona Chapter is looking forward in establishing a solid Satanic community within our state.

In addition to our occasional picnics at the park and parties at a bar, we look forward to hosting bookclubs and lectures in the near future for those that would like to learn more about the Left Hand Path and Satanism.

The Satanic Temple is known for our political activism because that is what the media covers, however, we would like to remind the public that Satanism is a religion and The Satanic Temple is not an atheist trolling group that uses the metaphor of Satan to further our agenda.

We hope that the opportunity for a book club and lecture presentations to be beneficial for those wanting to learn more about the LHP philosophy and Romantic Satanism as exemplified in literature such as Revolt of the Angels and Paradise Lost.

Topics that were discussed at the picnic: