"For Christians, an unintended consequence of this freedom to pray has come in the form of a growing number of requests by Satanist groups to be allowed to offer prayers before city meetings. Permission was granted to Michelle Shortt of the Satanic Temple of Tuscon, Arizona to do the invocation at a July 2016 council meeting in Scottsdale. Controversy over this decision led the city to cancel Shortt's participation under the pretext that the city would only allow prayers from groups that had substantial ties to the town. In response, the Satanic Temple filed a lawsuit against the city, claiming that the local governing body was standing in violation of their constitutional rights to free speech..."

"Have Christians misused public prayer?

All this fight over prayer should give Christians pause for thought. Have we misused public prayer in our zeal to bring America back to God by using it as an opportunity to preach to a captive audience? Whether intended or not, many have viewed the forceful efforts of Christians to preserve public prayer as motivated by the desire to exploit it for purposes of proselytizing, promoting Christianity, or disparaging other religions."

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