Satanists won in Belle Plaine last month when the city removed a religious monument from a veterans park.

The Satanic Temple, a national anti-religious organization, thought this was bullshit, so they proposed throwing an imposing Satanic monument into the mix. The Christians were aghast, but the city of Belle Plaine had to accept it, per its own rules. Suddenly seeing the folly of blending church and state in a new light, the city revoked its “free-speech zone,” and determined no religious statues would be allowed at the veterans park after all.

After much ado about nothing, the Satanic Temple filed a Freedom of Information Act request for all the emails people sent to Belle Plaine complaining about their monument, seemingly just to watch those who cannot spell flail in moral panic over an imaginary evil.

Most people got the joke. These “satanists” don’t actually worship Satan. They’re just snarky atheists who have made it their mission to piss off religious nuts, i.e. dressing up as demon babies to mock abortion clinic picketers, yelling “Hail Satan” at the Westboro Baptist Church, and other fun hijinks just to mess with people.

But from the looks of these emails, most of their detractors took the devil-worshipping thing at face value.

The Satanic Temple compiled those comments on MuckRock. Here are some goodies (spelling errors theirs):

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