*From the Reason Alliance Ltd. newsletter*

One of the many programs/campaigns Reason Alliance supports is the After School Satan Club (or ASSC). Here’s the early summer update on the program from Chalice Blythe, Director of ASSC.

‘As the 2017-2018 school year ends, preparations for the new year have begun and we are excited to get this process started. Last year’s ASSC run included the rolling out of a volunteer program which allowed volunteers not associated with an official chapter of The Satanic Temple to apply and run our program in schools where other religious based programs, such as Good News Clubs, exist. Though we had three volunteer groups trained and ready to submit applications to their schools, our efforts were put to a grinding halt when our insurance company decided to drop our liability coverage which in turn meant we could not possibly rent space from any school per state law. This squashing of our efforts was frustrating, to say the very least, and we ended up putting ASSC on hold for the remainder of the school year.

We are happy to announce now that these issues are being resolved and we are currently taking applications for the new school year! Any existing chapter or volunteer group wishing to participate in the After School Satan Club campaign can contact us at info@afterschoolsatan.com. Also, keep an eye out for new ASSC merchandise on ShopSatan.com coming soon!’