Members from The Satanic Temple – Arizona Chapter came together bright and early one Saturday morning to help the YWCA of Southern Arizona Project Period build a shed to help store their donations. TST AZ is lucky to have partnered with the YWCA in our current charity drive “Menstruatin’ with Satan”.

“Menstruatin’ with Satan” is a campaign that aims to make menstruation products available to all people in need, especially those who may not be able to afford them without assistance. Menstruation is a non-optional physical reality for many people, and the continued stigmatization of menstruation is harmful to everyone. Through product and financial donations, Menstruatin’ with Satan provides menstruation products to shelters by collecting products for distribution to Arizona shelters though “Project Period” at the Young Women’s Community Association (YWCA) of Southern Arizona whose mission is to “distribute tampons, pads and reusable menstrual cups to women and girls in need; work to make these products more affordable and accessible; and combat the body-shaming that has prevented us from having this conversation before. It’s time to change that.”

We hope for the opportunity to collaborate with you in making a positive difference for the disadvantaged women within the community. Thank you kindly for your consideration. Our campaign will be running from March 14, 2017 until July 31, 2017, see the map and list below for businesses in your area who have compassionately agreed to host our drop-off locations.

Special thanks to our participating locations!
The Meet Rack
Broken Clover Tattoo
Dry River Witches Collective

If you are a business owner in the Tucson or Phoenix metro areas and would like to participate by having a “Menstruatin’ with Satan” drop-off at your establishment please Contact Us for details.