In all honesty, calling the Invocation Campaign a ‘political stunt’ is a little off the mark, but we do appreciate the recognition. We hope that one day the assertion of our Constitutional Rights to be more than just a stunt one day. The Phoenix New Times has rated The Satanic Temple-Arizona Chapter’s attempt to give an invocation at Phoenix’s City Council Meeting “Best Political Stunt” of 2016. Check out their comments on New Times.

Back in February, the Phoenix City council took public comments on TST-AZ’s pending invocation that led to a council vote to first cancel prayer at meeting. Subsequently, they then reinstated with new ordinances granting the privilege of conducting the pre-meeting invocations to Chaplains within the Police and Fire Departments, which sequentially excludes us and any other minority religion or belief system. Fox 10 Phoenix documented this decisive meeting on YouTube, so if you’ve got a few HOURS you can watch that here: