The Satanic Temple- Arizona Chapter will be walking Phoenix Pride Parade 2018! TST AZ looks forward to celebrating with our LGBTQ family and friends. Let’s show the community that we are diverse, fabulous, loud and proud!

What can one say to describe the feeling when one plays a small part in bringing all these beautiful happy people together?

Some came from miles away, some had never attended a Pride event before, and some had never met any of us in person but came to meet us anyway and show their support. This day, we were all united.

We all came together for a cause that we feel strongly about and, together, we put on our best faces and represented The Satanic Temple – Arizona Chapter in the Phoenix Pride Parade.

This is why I am a chapterhead, the community we have managed to build. *yeah yeah, we have all heard that “Satanic communities” don’t exist…and I call bullshit* This former solitary Satanist was never truly fulfilled until TST came along.

This is why I keep going, moments like these that I am PROUD of. Thank you, all. – Michelle Shortt, The Satanic Temple Arizona Chapterhead