“If they want to commit a constitutional violation, we will respond in turn,” leader Stu De Haan, a Tucson criminal defense lawyer, told the station. “This is clearly discriminatory and targeting one group.”- TIME article below

The Satanic Temple is very thankful to the City of Phoenix Commission on Human Relations for issuing their statement earlier today, here is just a few key paragraphs from that statement:

“If we, as a City, are going to allow for the inclusion of religious invocations at the start of our public City Council meetings, then we have an obligation to allow for participation in that invocation by representatives of all faiths and beliefs, regardless of how we may or may not feel personally about any particular doctrine or creed.

“In order to fulfill that mission, we must stand up in defense of all religions, and act to insure that each and all are treated fairly and equitably by the City. We therefore support the right of members of the Satanic Temple to deliver their invocation at the February 17, 2016 Phoenix City Council formal meeting, and we urge the Council, both as a whole and in its individual membership, to reconsider the inclusion of any religious invocation at public meetings.

”While the Supreme Court has upheld the concept of religious invocations, they are neither required nor recommended, and it is incumbent upon the Council to either end the practice of offering a religious invocation, or to make that process open and equally accessible to practitioners of any religion who wish to participate.”

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