A celebration of secular life over divine right. On November 18, 1302, Pope Boniface VIII decreed through Unam Sanctam that he alone wielded divine power and therefore salvation required personal submission to him. It was also decreed that all temporal and secular authority comes second to the power of the church.

Nihil Sanctum, or Nothing Sacred, is a public rejection of this principle through a series of toasts. Join us for blasphemy, fire, and liberation.

“The struggle for justice is an ongoing and necessary pursuit that should prevail over laws and institutions”

All are welcome to attend the event.    18+ to party, 21+ to drink

TICKETS (for Nihil Sanctum 11/18/2017) ARE ON SALE NOW. With 3 different packages to choose from!
We look forward to having a wonderful night with you filled with blasphemy and debauchery. Be prepared for a memorable evening! We will be announcing one new performer each week for your viewing pleasure.
Please bring your ID to the event to pick up your tickets at will-call.
What do you get in the different package offers?
TST AZ has created a commemorative T-Shirt and Wine Glass package (photos attached). The wine glass will be used during the ritual for a series of blasphemous toasts! Join us for this declaration of our beliefs and rejection arbitrary authority.
Limited number available, so get your tickets early.
⚠️ Cut off date for shirt sales is NOVEMBER 1ST. The Nihil Sanctum Shirts are made to order. To ensure you receive the correct size, please specify in the appropriate section when purchasing your event package. (Or send us an email at Tstazevents@gmail.com) ⚠️
Don’t forget to book your room accomodations for the evening if you plan on staying the night.
Nihil Sanctum! Ave Satanas!

 New Performers Announced Each Week!

  • Dyadic
    Dyadic is comprised of members Serena Rose and Michael Ludovici. Serena and Michael have been playing music together for 10 years in many different projects. They have spanned the scope of multiple genres and have worked with a variety of different musicians, both separately and together. Dyadic was conceived after all of the other musical projects had either ended or were put on a hiatus. Dyadic was established with the concept of combining a variety of artistic mediums, keeping music as the centerpiece. More recently, Dyadic has been performing acoustically although they enjoy all types of performances. Dyadic is looking forward to a future of musical experimentation and is very excited about creating sound scapes for performance pieces and media projects.
  • Trixie Phillips
    “The Naughty Girl Next Door”, Trixie Phillips is a former New York burlesque performer who is now making roots in the local Tucson burlesque scene. She is also one of the producers for Barely There Production Variety Shows. Her style of burlesque plays on sexiness, charm and humor. She will be performing an eccentric piece that takes a seductive turn at Nihil Sanctum. Watch her next in a new show at the Owl’s Club December 6th for a Speakeasy Live Band Burlesque show.

  • Irish Creme
    Irish Creme, a Tucson native, has been performing Burlesque for 4 years and is known for her neo-burlesque acts such as ‘Radioactive’. She finds her inspirations from multiple mediums but focuses on creating her acts from songs that she particularly enjoys. As a Council Member of TST AZ, she is known and loved by our Satanic community. We can’t wait to show you what she has in store for you. She will be debuting a brand NEW act for this sinful event. Don’t miss it!
  • KittenMinx LaFemme
    Kitten Minx LaFemme
    is a California girl native yet delights basking in the Arizona sun, just like a cat. She’s been dancing throughout her life & expresses her very diverse artistic side in one form through the “art of burlesque”. She started burlesque in Arizona of April 2013, she has danced in Hollywood, with Romantasy Cabaret of Phoenix, competed in her very first festival within her first year of burlesque with the New Orleans Festival, Iowa, Hawaii & many other places around the US! Her dreams include sauntering all over the world including Rome & Paris. She’s a dreamer, a lover, a poet & has a deep love for animals. She’ll hit the stage with the moonlight right behind her… “the captivating Moon Goddess Kitten Minx LaFemme”…

  • Magic Kenny Bang Bang
    Magic Kenny Bang Bang has been performing comedy and magic for over 20 years. Whether you are looking for walk-around/strolling magic for a corporate event or dinner party, kids magic show, or stage show, Magic Kenny is your man.
    “Easily one of the most unique and magnificent experiences of a man and his craft. I loved the intimate parlor atmosphere and how interactive and mind blowing the entire session was from start to finish. I would highly recommend this to anyone who ventures to Bisbee and can truly say that I left there happy, entertained, quizzical and baffled asking ‘Wait, did that just happen? How?’ Truly magical, top hats to Kenny!”

  • Chalice Blythe
    Chalice Blythe is a Satanist, activist, and current collaborator with The Satanic Temple. Chalice established a chapter of The Satanic Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2016 and has contributed and led several ongoing campaigns on both the local and national scale. She has also written and publicly performed several rituals over the years that have been adopted by various chapters of The Satanic Temple worldwide. She is currently the National Director for The Satanic Temple’s After School Satan Club and continues to write new Satanic-inspired rituals as well as providing ritual services such as Unbaptisms.


  • Lana del Rabies
    Lana Del Rabies is a solo rhythmic dark electronic music project. Lana’s music references genres like noise, pop, industrial, witch house, darkwave and shoegaze, without outright adhering to any single musical movement. Her first release In The End I Am A Beast was released by Los Angeles based label Deathbomb Arc in 2016.
    Description of LDR by Deathbomb Arc:
    “Producer and vocalist Lana Del Rabies combines beats, noise, synths and a passion for horror soundtracks into a futuristic brand of goth that still loves the technologically curious days of early death rock ala Tones On Tail and Cranes. Addressing the ever growing PTSD of American society, LDR is a dreamlike voice, at once conquering while still lost in the haze.”
    Lana Del Rabies performs live regularly. She has performed with Clipping., Negativland, Ascetic House acts, AJJ, JPEGMAFIA, Tropic of Cancer, Lower Tar, Sidewalks & Skeletons, Not Breathing, Technophobia, Terminal 11, and more.
    She is based in Phoenix, AZ.

  • DJ Plastic Disease: Headlining the Event
    DJ Plastic Disease began in 2006, working her way up in the AZ club scene creating a reputation for creative mixing (utilizing drum machines and mashups) which soon turned into travel around the country and over seas. In 2013 Plastic Disease joined Alter Der Ruine as a synth player & backup vocalist. She has traveled as a touring musician around the country from 2013-2016. She is also a current member of I AM DRUGS. This year in 2017, Plastic Disease began working on her own original material and you can see her perform in both Tucson and Phoenix regularly.

Honored Guests will include members from around the country!

Co-founded by Davidas and Sebastian Simpson in 2016, The Satanic Temple of West Florida performed a Satanic invocation at a meeting of the Pensacola City Council. Following the lead of TST-San Jose, TST-WF has also hosted a Socks for Satan campaign which yielded over 500 pairs of socks for area homeless persons. Sebastian Simpson is the Chapter Head for TST-WF. His initial exposure to Satanism was the Satanic Panic of the 80’s and 90’s. His formal introduction to Satanism was through the works of Anton LaVey. It was upon hearing of the Baphomet monument campaign that Simpson joined TST. He loves French fries (to eat) and animals (to pet). For more information about TST-WF, visit their Facebook page.


The Satanic Temple – Dallas was founded in 2016 and is actively engaged in community education, ritual, and activism. Members of the Dallas chapter focus their collection drive efforts on local women’s shelters and animal welfare organizations. They fundraise for and work closely with the Protect Children Project. They are perhaps best known for a springtime ritual entitled “The Babylonian Lottery” in which participants played out a game of fate that culminated in a “human sacrifice” to Ishtar. Don’t worry, no people or bunnies were harmed! Rose Vespira, one of the Dallas Chapter Heads, will be performing in a mysterious and rather unholy ritual at Nihil Sanctum. Her introduction to the left-hand path as a young teen came from the ridiculous origin of Neopets(!!) and a very-secretly-read Satanic Bible. When not doing TST stuff she enjoys baking, obsessing over Lord of the Rings, and trying to cajole her many cats into silly outfits. For more information about the Dallas chapter, please visit their website


  • Media Liason Ada King from The Satanic Temple – Colorado Chapter
    The Satanic Temple Colorado was first formed in June 2016 with official chapterhood established in July 2017. Colorado chapter members focus on environmental stewardship, art events and homeless advocacy. Ada King will be performing in the ritual at Nihil Sanctum. She has spent the last decade curating, editing, directing and winning grants for various art-based community building initiatives. When away from TST, she finds herself in the studio, transforming bibles into aesthetic fine art objects with gold leaf and fire. For more information about TST CO, please visit their Facebook page.



  • Chapter Head Fred Mephisto and Company from The Satanic Temple – Atlantla Chapter
    The Satanic Temple Atlanta Chapter – A Hasty History
         Upon discovering The Satanic Temple during the Baphomet campaign, regular

    TST ATL Chapter Head Fred Mephisto with his long time partner, Renee.

    guy Fred Mephisto became fiercely inspired, and sought to develop a relationship with leadership, in hope of becoming involved. As interest in TST grew in Atlanta, Fred’s vocal support of the organization made him a natural reference point for interested locals, and when the chapter formation was imminent, he seemed the logical choice to run the show. Shortly thereafter, Christopher Paul was named co-chapter head, as his resourceful input and intelligence became invaluable to the development of the chapter, as well as to the ongoing sanity of the existing chapter head. Along with our national council representative, Kym LaRoux, we are honored to lead the Atlanta Chapter of the Satanic Temple.

    National Council Representative, Kym LaRoux

    Rumors have long hinted that the founding date of the Atlanta chapter coincides with a secret ritual in Salem on Walpurgisnacht 2016, when Lucien showed Fred his “True” eye, then cast his sightless gaze far Southward, signifying the time was at last right. However this has never been substantiated. Whatever the truth of origin, in the past 18 months, TSTATL has grown into a majestic beast

    TST ATL Co Chapter Head Christopher Paul

    of a community with diverse and passionate support. The chapter has enjoyed an enthusiastic member base since its earliest days, with strong community roots in the always Satan-sympathetic industries of theatre, special effects, burlesque, IT, and general rock n’ roll horror fun.

    We focus strongly on developing the community and fraternity of politically active Satanists in Atlanta, and on functioning as a vehicle for the Seven Tenets in the Deep South. Our chapter’s community volunteer

    TST Atlanta

    services are woefully un-utilized as yet, despite genuine efforts to provide. However our local science museum and planetarium have become great fans of ours, and we find some small validation in that. The After School Satan Club was all the rage last year in Cobb County, but for now on hold, pending lawyer-fu. We of course have ambitious plans for future projects, but for now we must keep silent about those. We look forward to sending our delegation of 5 members to Nihil Sanctum to share space and ideas with you all. Ave!


  • National Council Member Greg Stevens
    Just “some guy. Muscle-bound but otherwise unremarkable”. Greg has been a point of contact for many chapters within TST where his guidance and instruction have proved inspirational and beneficial to the organization. He will be performing in Nihil Sanctum for your entertainment.

  • The Hostest with the Mostest (Owner of The Quarry): Dana House

Dana moved to Bisbee, Arizona in 2012 from San Diego, and opened The Quarry Bisbee in August of 2014. She have always been a participant in alternative lifestyles and thought processes, so the LHP was a natural choice for her from the time she was a young child. Owning her own business, not tolerating the patriarchy, being a single mother who is now engaged to a woman, and working very closely with addicts and society’s downtrodden has reinforced her connection to the LHP and TST of Arizona. She believes that is very important to remain politically and socially responsible as an advocate for those that cannot in this country, and TST allows her to channel this passion.  She participated in last’s years ritual and this year she will be returning to perform once again! We are positive she is going to “nail it”!










Photos from the event: