For many, the Satanic path includes creating artwork. As Satanism is an individualistic practice, art can offer one way to fully realize one’s self-expression. Satanic artists can draw on the rich symbolism of Satanism, the occult, pop culture, and many other sources in order to create something new and thought-provoking.

Art can be a meditative process, a way to work through mental illness or other issues and challenges, an act of rebellion, a way to help others think in new directions, a part of an ongoing life practice of Satanism and more. You don’t have to be a professional painter, musician, sculptor or writer to make art. Many times it is the process of creation itself which is the most meaningful to the creator.

I encourage everyone to contribute to the larger Satanic discourse by sharing their art with others or with the public. Since art is such an important part of Satanic iconry for belief, the more art we can add to that discourse, the richer the body of Satanic imagery will become.

In an effort to explore the relationship between Satanism and artistic endeavor, I asked several artists to talk about their work and how Satanism informs it. Here are our conversations.

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