Although she no longer officially represents TST, Jex Blackmore apparently received a favorable reception from students at yesterday’s debate with Westboro Baptist Church members at Central Michigan University.

“They blamed school shootings on our sin and I pointed out that the decline in gun violence must be proof that God approves of gay marriage. If you missed the live feed of my debate against FIVE members of the Westboro Baptist Church you can watch it now on Youtube.” – Jex Blackmore

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Westboro Baptist Church members, Satanist participate in journalism course debate

What happens when you bring together five members of the Westboro Baptist Church, one Satanist and a class full of media law students?

Robust debate and controversy, though not all of that was supplied by the guest speakers.

Central Michigan University journalism professor and department chair Timothy Boudreau brought all these groups together April 24 in Moore Hall room 105 for a discussion in his JRN 404: Law of Mass Communication class.

The journalism professor has annually invited radical speakers to his classroom, including the Westboro Baptist Church in 2010 and 2012. The purpose of these conversations is to demonstrate First Amendment issues and challenge students to explore the fringes of free speech, Boudreau said.

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