Not long ago, a print magazine conducted an interview with Lucien Greaves, spokesperson for The Satanic Temple (TST), about a new TST campaign to place “After School Satan Clubs” in elementary schools where Evangelical “Good News Clubs” have established their own twisted and coercive presence. The published article ultimately contained but a few very brief quotes from the interview. Below is the interview in its entirety. The questions have been paraphrased

Interviewer: A question about a Washington Post article which quoted Principal Jose Olivas of the The Roskruge Bilingual K-8 School in Tucson as stating that the After School Satan Club “does not currently meet the minimum requirement of having a faculty sponsor.” What are the requirements and will you be able to meet them?

Lucien Greaves: Principal Jose Olivas didn’t seem to wait a moment after providing us with documentation of their school district’s requirements for outside clubs before announcing that we didn’t meet their “minimum requirements.” He certainly didn’t wait to find out if we could meet those requirements before making that announcement. The Tucson district’s legal counsel immediately emailed us and demanded that we take their school’s name off of our website as they assume there is to be no After School Satan Club in their jurisdiction. We have not taken their name off the website, as the site merely states that we are offering to present our curriculum in that school district, and we still intend to operate there. The “minimum requirement” that the school district is referring to — the one we presumably can not meet — is the requirement of having a faculty “sponsor” for our club. If Tucson feels that they are simply free to discriminate against our presence in their school by deferring the discrimination against us further down their chain of command, they are wrong. We are currently investigating what appears to be inappropriate preferential treatment given to the Good News Club by the Tucson school district, but ultimately I think we may just insist that the school assign us a sponsor, if a sponsor is required. If they do not, I believe we have a case for a discrimination claim.  – Read the full interview here