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Membership Requirements and Expectations

Code of Conduct
Official Membership to The Satanic Temple-Arizona Chapter is a privilege that requires commitment on behalf of its members. We never want official membership to be a burden on anyone but we do require members to be available for discussion and work on our various campaigns (both online and offline).

In addition to upholding the tenets and mission of the national organization, TST AZ as a local chapter is committed to maintaining an environment of respect and support both at in-person events and online. Misogyny, transphobia, racism, anti-semitism, ableism, or bigotry of any kind have no place in TST AZ.

We are activists
Cultivating and developing our culture and community of the like-minded is important to us. But make no mistake, social activism and direct engagement in the public sphere is fundamental to our mission. If you are not interested in our causes, please do not ask to be an official member.

Grounds for dismissal
As a religious organization that is also politically active, members have to follow TST Code of Conduct that is provided upon receiving Official membership. Applicants that demonstrate any behavior that is not representative of TST, meaning that they display any of the following, risk having their application for membership disregarded.

Review public social media / online content posted up to a year prior to candidacy (if available) for “red flags” including:
a. public admission to illegal activity
b. “hate imagery” (as defined by the anti-defamation league)
c. threats of violence or violent imagery
d. racist, sexist or anti-LGBTQ imagery or language
e. obsession with conspiracy theories, supernaturalism, or Illuminati

In addition, there will be a bi-annual evaluation where the Council will determine if members have met all the necessary member requirements of representative behavior and participation within the chapter. Simply attending our social gatherings isn't enough. TST AZ has real work to be done in 2018 and we cannot have anyone not participating in some capacity.


Action Committees
TST AZ requires the participation of its official members. If applicants aren’t able to contribute to the chapter at all due to distance or schedule, please reconsider joining when it isn't an inconvenience to you. Once an official membership application has been approved, TST AZ will provide official members with the Action Committee (AC) Summary that outlines the various community outreach campaigns along with the Council Members who serve as Action Committee Leaders.

Applicants are required to show interest in any of the ACs or begin dialogue with TST AZ leadership in regards to placement within the chapter or risk their application being disregarded. TST AZ hopes that members who don't have the necessary time to dedicate to the chapter, to be honest with not only us, but with themselves in regards to their commitment.