1) The Satanic Temple doesn’t hate Christianity. The After School Satan clubs aren’t Christian-bashing groups. Liberty Counsel seems to think any religious group that’s not pro-Christian must be against them. That’s how the Christian Persecution Complex works. But it’s wrong.
2) No one is forcing Christians out of the public sphere. They are still welcome to preach and proselytize and annoy the hell out of everyone they meet. Kids can bring Bibles to school, pray before meals, try to convert their friends, and join Christian clubs. Any conflict in this area has only occurred when Christians wanted special treatment from the government. The Satanists asking for permission to form an after school club is not putting Christianity out of business. At worst, Christians would be treated the same as all other religious groups.
3) The Ten Commandments controversy isn’t a false choice. The very Supreme Court case Liberty Counsel cited states that a Ten Commandments monument could remain up on government property because it was part of a larger display that wasn’t religious in nature. (What they don’t tell you is that another Supreme Court case, decided on the very same day, found that a stand-along Ten Commandments monument on government property was unconstitutional.)
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