The Satanic Temple will conduct a national Destruction Ritual on April 1st 2019 where the intent is to symbolically destroy dangerous pseudosciences and delusions of Satanism that keeps culpable organizations alive, like International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation.

This action will be the first National Satanic ritual of its kind. With this ritual we call for revocation of licenses from culpable therapists associated with peddling snake oil so they will be bound from causing further harm to people seeking help. It is in this action that Chapters across the United States will symbolically destroy their emblems and licenses.

The seemingly increasing drumbeat of pseudoscience and continuation of the Satanic Panic is causing world wide harm. That children and people are dying of wholly preventable diseases due to the anti-vax movement is but one example that we can point at directly. Similarly, the impact and destruction of lives and families due to the continuing Satanic Panic is immeasurable, but it is very real, and it has, and continues to, cost lives.

We call for an end to the Satanic Panic. We call for a return to rational and reasonable thought.

To learn more about what TST is doing to combat pseudoscience, visit Grey Faction