“Many [Dissociative Identity Disorder] proponents believe in a vast conspiracy in which shadowy Satanic cults have infiltrated every part of society and engage in ritual abuse.

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The Panic Never Stopped, It Hid

Proponents have become very adept at messaging and using plausibly scientific sounding language to justify their beliefs. For example, the overarching idea behind DID is that it is functionally very similar to borderline personality disorder, except that instead of it being the result of genetic or chemical imbalance it is the result of trauma that was so devastating it causes a mental schism and the creation of an entirely separate personality. ”

There is cause for outrage when a #ISSTD President Elect speculates professionally on business models of debunked conspiracy theories.#ISSTDAC18 #ISSTDAC2018 #SatanicRitualAbuse

 Where did the insane ideas surrounding the Satanic Panic come from, and who is still propagating them? The International Society for the Study of Trauma & Dissociation (ISSTD) is an organization of mental health professionals, some of whom apparently still rely upon “recovered memories” to create paranoid, delusional narratives in vulnerable clients.

From Lucien Greaves:

“Of course, this brings to mind the obvious question: How many vulnerable women who had complicated pregnancies or miscarriages were subsequently exposed to this deranged asshole who fed them a delusional, paranoid narrative of Satanic Cult abuse?”

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Members and supporters of The Satanic Temple’s Grey Faction Campaign drafted a letter covering the recent firing of trauma therapist, Bessel van der Kolk, after it was reported he was “bullying” and “denigrating” women.

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