Update May 23rd, 2018

For Infernal Use Only- The Satanic Temple and YWCA Settle Donation Dispute Like Adults

“Let’s talk about the part where an unknown person, allegedly professing to be Christian, allegedly made a phone call to voice their religious objection to Satanists helping the needy. This person called one of the largest women’s organizations in the country to try and put a stop to a popular, successful, award-winning religious public outreach campaign by going over the heads of organizers within the community….

What the person or people responsible have done is to attempt (and fail) to deny material aid to needy people because they don’t like Satanists. I have little doubt that this is the same kind of person who thinks they’re being clever when they ask ‘where all the Atheist hospitals are’. To try and stop a beloved charity action because of a misguided dislike of those helping is despicable, to do so anonymously is cowardice, and to watch your attempt fail so spectacularly is delightful.” – For Infernal Use Only

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