After having approved The Satanic Temple’s request to deliver a pre-City Council meeting invocation, Scottsdale has suddenly decided to adhere to a new standard that is entirely undefined.
We’re now told that invocations will only be given by “representatives from institutions that have a substantial connection to the Scottsdale community.” Substantial how? By what metric? What test will they use, or have they used, to establish who has a substantial connection?
Naturally there are those who are now asking us what level of membership and activity we do have in Scottsdale. We are not going to answer that. That is a question for Scottsdale to answer, and we’re not going to answer it for them. We were never asked our level of membership and/or activity in Scottsdale when applying to deliver an invocation. Apparently, there is a measurable standard for a “substantial connection” that we fail to meet, and it’s up to the city to clearly define what that standard is.
We want to know exactly what Scottsdale thinks they know about TST’s presence in Scottsdale, what type of research they did, and, of course, whether or not they apply this level of scrutiny to every applicant.- Lucien Greaves

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