“As far as our lawsuit goes, I believe we have to postpone it,” said Lucien Greaves, a co-founder of the Massachusetts-based Satanic Temple. “I believe it takes our standing away. Our plaintiff hadn’t even seen the monument yet at the time [the suspect] ran it over. Of course, if they put the monument back up, then we will sue.”

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Theocrats Fund-Raise for More Monuments After Self-Described “Jesus Freak” Destroys 10 Commandments in Arkansas

Earlier this week, a disturbed self-identified born again “Jesus Freak” drove his car into the not-yet-day-old Arkansas 10 Commandments monument, rendering it a pile a rubble. Unsurprisingly (though entirely senselessly) the 10 Commandments’ lead sponsor, Senator Jason Rapert placed the blame for this criminal destruction upon The Satanic Temple and other organizations who threatened to legally challenge the 10 Commandments’ exclusive placement on public grounds, a clear Constitutional violation. When asked by the Arkansas Times if it was even fair to attribute a political motive to the clearly deeply mentally disturbed culprit (even ignoring that culprit’s religious identification), Rapert gave some perplexing reply suggesting that The Satanic Temple’s spokesperson, Lucien Greaves, is a criminal.

Capitalizing even further on the 10 Commandments’ destruction, Rapert revived his original GoFundMe campaign for the project, set at a perplexingly outsized $100K (while the actual total cost is reported to have been $26K), and soon gained the funds for a completely new monument, even had the original been, for some reason, uninsured. Adding to that, it was just reported today that the producers of the Christian persecution fantasy “God’s Not Dead” films put yet another $25K toward the 10 Commandments monument. The excess in funds, it is indicated, will go towards more monuments, which Rapert and his theocratic friends will try to impose upon public grounds across the nation. (When Lucien Greaves asked Senator Rapert directly on Arkansas television whether or not the Senator would pay the legal expenses for defending his monument, or if he would defer all such costs to the taxpayers, Rapert refused to confront the question at all.)

What does the destruction of the 10 Commandments monument mean for The Satanic Temple’s lawsuit against Arkansas?
We will still file suit against Arkansas, but we will wait until the 10 Commandments monument is replaced. We do not want to file a lawsuit before the 10 Commandments monument is replaced (even though a replacement is certain) as a Judge could still possibly declare the complaint moot in the monument’s absence.

Can we possibly win when we’re so heavily out-financed?
Yes. So long as we can keep up with the filings, depositions, and other costs related to litigation, we should certainly prevail in the courts, as the law is solidly on our side. However, we expect that our opposition, who will (almost certainly) happily burden the taxpayers with their expenses, will attempt to bury us in superfluous filings. We will need financing to keep up. Please consider contributing to our legal fund here : https://thesatanictemple.com/p…/donate-to-the-satanic-temple

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The battle for Arkansas, as Sen. Rapert has made quite clear, is just the beginning. He and the Evangelical Nationalists who support him intend to impose their religion everywhere they can. Let’s stop them now.

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