Destruction Ritual:

A cathartic release of negative emotions attached to an item through its physical destruction The Council of The Satanic Temple Arizona Chapter performed this ritual with participation from attendees of the Damned at the Dam event on June 17th. This ritual was inspired by the Black Mass hosted by The Satanic Temple -Los Angeles Chapter hosted last January.

At the end of the ritual, participants burned or destroyed items that held personal significance that harbor negative feelings or connotations. The purpose of this ritual was to acknowledge that arbitrary and often detrimental ties can manifest in physical items. These ties may be released by ridding oneself of both the item and what is attached.
“I do not belong to these things, these things belong to me.”
As the chant of the council was carried by the participants, items including paintings, decorations, and written phrases were being hurled into the fire. The increased intensity of the chanting mirrored the rising flames causing an emotional cacophony of sights and sounds. As both the flames and volume subsided, there were embraces and tears as those who joined released the anguish contained in the seemingly trivial physical possessions.
We thank everyone who shared with us that evening and engaged in the power of a ritual free from superstition and the supernatural.
– Stu de Haan
TST AZ Spokesperson

TST Legal Counsel

If you want to know what goes on in a Satanic Ritual, become a Satanist. That is the statement I kept in mind as I put together the footage from our summer ritual. Our rituals, generally, are not for you. They’re not for the public and have nothing to do with you. They are definitely not for religious tourists. So if you find yourself at a loss and you just want to understand… stop. We don’t need or want you, the outsider, to understand.

That being said, I do want to talk about the destruction ritual. The outing took place on the hottest weekend of the year for Arizona. Not only of this year, but of the last ten years, and our wardrobe of black t-shirts was certainly ill-advised. Our campsite which was “on the water” was more akin to camping atop the Colossus of Rhodes for as accessible as the lake was to us. The site was 200 feet above the water with a path that lead to the once upon a time water line. A water line now still 30 feet below. Stay cool was only accomplished with generous amounts of ice cold beverages and soaking one’s own clothed body at the rusty water spigot at the center of camp. To say the name of our event was fitting is an understatement. We truly were in a barren hellscape of blinding, sizzling sand, poisonous critters, and plants with murder spikes protruding from every branch all within viewing distance of a vast refreshing lake that we simply could not get to. Was this hell? And had I gone there unironically with my TST chapter? You decide. The answer is yes. Yes I had.

But these are the hardships of tribe that we face which ultimately bring us together. Because it is not all bad. At least we were there together. Plus there was beer, and good food.

On the second day, after delirium had set in, we performed a ritual of destruction. A satisfying relinquishing of that which drags like an anchor upon our minds. What is that? What does it mean? That’s not for me to say. What was destroyed and what it meant was deeply personal to each individual. But the act itself made me a believer in ritual. Prior to this, the only ritual in my life had been my morning cup of coffee. Now, though, I have a greater understanding of the effects of such a symbolic act on my own psychology. There was a real emotional response in everyone who participated and I hope that I have captured that in this short video. Enjoy.

Ave Satanas
-Eric Breen
TST AZ Photographer and Videographer

Amazing desert scenery during the day…
…and at night, sky was magnificent.
Photos by Eric Breen

Our members had a funtastic time!