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Code of Conduct

Members of the Arizona Chapter of The Satanic Temple (TST AZ) agree to uphold the organization’s tenets and endeavor to impact the world through nobility in action and thought. By signing the Code of Conduct, they commit to behaving in a way that positively reflects their involvement in the Chapter, with integrity and dedication.

Official Membership to The Satanic Temple-Arizona Chapter is a privilege that requires commitment on behalf of its members. We never want official membership to be a burden on anyone but we do require members to be available for discussion and work on our various campaigns (both online and offline).

In addition to upholding The Satanic Temple’s 7 Fundamental Tenets and mission, TST AZ is committed to maintaining an environment of respect and support both at in-person events and online. Misogyny, transphobia, racism, anti-semitism, ableism, or bigotry of any kind have no place in TST AZ.

Understanding Satanism

The Satanic Temple is first and foremost a religious organization. Our metaphoric representation is the literary Satan best exemplified by Milton and the Romantic Satanists from Blake to Shelley to Anatole France. TST AZ makes exceptions for select applicants who do not self-identify as Satanists, but they are required to understand our philosophy and methods of practice prior to joining. Ritual practices are a common occurrence within Satanism and we urge those who do not understand the benefits of ritual to educate themselves on the subject.

Despite having a clear focus on social activism, TST is primarily a religious organization with religious practices that involve ritual and discussion of Satanic philosophy. Those who join TST for just the activism are welcome to participate in our endeavors, however please refrain from making any disparaging remarks in regards to our Satanic ritual practices as they are a sincere form of cathartic expression for many Satanists. We welcome constructive questions and discussion on the topic to help enlighten those who wish to learn more.

Worship through Activism

As a religious organization, TST serves the religious needs of our members, no matter who they are or how they identify, and our various chapters are encouraged to initiate local or national campaigns based on our growing community’s needs. To be clear, this does not mean that we are a run of the mill social justice group; activism for us is a necessary component to expressing and preserving our religious faith. TST initiatives, locally and nationally, are not a catch all for every social injustice present within our society but, as can be seen in every one of our chapters, this does not hinder our members from participating in and supporting local charities (usually focusing on our most at-risk communities), and to attend their local Pride festival.

Cultivating and developing a culture and community of like-minded individuals is important to us. Make no mistake, social activism and direct engagement in the public sphere is fundamental to our mission. Those who are not interested in our causes or active participation therein, should refrain from asking to be an official member.

Beyond cultivating a space of like minded individuals, we are a religious organization with a strong focus on activism. Direct action and community engagement is the foundation of what we do. If advancing our causes is not one’s primary reason for joining, this is not the group for them. However, The Satanic Temple (TST) is not a catch all for every cause. While one might be very passionate about their cause and their cause may be worthwhile, if it does not promote or advance the specific causes associated with TST, they will not find traction here. We encourage you to seek groups that do. If you are unclear on TST’s mission, please refer to the FAQ linked above.

Grounds for Dismissal

As a religious organization that is also politically active, members have to follow TST Code of Conduct that is provided upon receiving Official membership. Applicants that demonstrate any behavior that is not representative of TST, meaning that they display any of the following, risk having their application for membership revoked.

Review public social media / online content posted up to a year prior to candidacy (if available) for “red flags” including:
a. public admission to illegal activity
b. “hate imagery” (as defined by the anti-defamation league)
c. threats of violence or violent imagery
d. racist, sexist or anti-LGBTQ imagery or language
e. obsession with conspiracy theories, supernaturalism, or Illuminati

Depending on the severity of the infraction, the Council may choose to:

  1. Give a “Verbal Warning”
  2. Give a “Written Warning”
  3. Place members on probation for the duration of three months or to terminate said member’s Official Membership status immediately.

Official Membership Application

The Official Member Application is password protected, and extended to those that have shown consistent participation and passed an initial vetting process by TST AZ’s Council.

A few things one can do if they are interested in Official Membership:

  • Introduce themselves and make an effort to meet the members of our tight-knit community online and in person.
  • Be vocal with TST AZ’s Council that they are interested in Official Membership.
  • Create productive discussion posts or host a casual unofficial gathering locally in their area in TST AZ’s Facebook discussion forum.
  • Participating in specific TST’s National Campaigns and TST AZ’s local campaigns.
  • Display their knowledge of Satanism and understand how TST uses activism as an expression of worship.
  • Volunteer their time and offer any skills that may prove beneficial for the chapter.

Please review “TST AZ FAQ” and “Contribute” pages for more information in regards to Official Membership to TST AZ.

Chapter Onboarding Packet

Once an official membership application has been approved, the applicant must then sign and return TST’s Code of Conduct and Member Agreement forms. Once submitted, TST AZ will add the newly minted Official Member to our secret discussion forums and provide them with the “Chapter Onboarding Packet”, which outlines everything they need to know about participating in TST AZ’s campaigns and initiatives, also known as Action Committees.

Applicants are required to show interest in any of TST AZ’s Action Committees and begin dialogue with TST AZ’s Council in regards to placement within the chapter. Official Members have the opportunity to:

  • Join one of the numerous TST AZ Action Committees
  • Become an Action Committee Leader and lead their own committee
  • Join an inter-chapter subcomittee and work with members of National Council or other chapters

TST AZ requires Official Members to complete the minimum requirement of one action every six months or risk their membership becoming inactive and thus be removed from our secret discussion forum. If applicants aren’t able to contribute to the chapter at all due to distance or schedule, please reconsider joining when it isn’t an inconvenience to you.

Bi-annual Evaluations

Every six months (January and June), TST AZ will have a bi-annual evaluation of all Official Members. During evaluations, TST AZ Council will determine if Official Members have met the necessary member requirements of representative behavior and participation within the chapter.

Occasionally attending our public social gatherings isn’t enough. TST AZ is a small community needing hands-on volunteers. There is real work to be done and we cannot have anyone not participating in some capacity.