TST Arizona

Allies of The Satanic Temple are welcome to show their support by attending TST AZ public events, purchasing merchandise, donating to our charitable campaigns, and interacting with our membership online in TST AZ's Facebook group.

The bulk of TST AZ members are located in Tucson and Phoenix, however the Chapter is always looking for interested volunteers in other cities to assist in TST campaigns. TST AZ has occasional gatherings between various cities within the state, which are posted to our Google Calendar here on the website and throughout our social media.

The Arizona Chapter of The Satanic Temple hopes to have gatherings across our great state but lack the resources to do so. TST AZ is looking for local volunteers to help coordinate with sympathetic businesses in their area in hopes to find a friendly venue to host one of our events or donation dropboxes. Any assistance we get from the public in this endeavor is highly appreciated.

TST AZ Official Membership is extended only to those that have shown consistent participation and passed an initial vetting process by TST AZ's Council. This can be accomplished in multiple ways, such as: 1) Introducing yourself to members of our tight-knit community either online or by attending local gatherings. 2) Showing interest in participating in TST's National Campaigns and TST AZ's local campaigns.

A letter from TST AZ's Chapterhead:

Those who have been accepted as Official Members to the Arizona Chapter of The Satanic Temple have proven to be dependable, driven, and willing to step up as helpful contributors. Official Member applicants that show potential but are unable to attend an event to meet the Council in person (applicable only to those that live too far to attend events in Tucson and/or Phoenix) are interviewed and vetted by the State Chapter Council to ensure that guidelines and requirements are understood before admission. Upon admission, all Official Members are provided with the "Chapter Onboarding Packet" that delineates the various Action Committees that TST and TST AZ engage in. Official Members outside of Tucson and Phoenix are expected to garnish support and propose/implement actions to the Arizona Council that are within the purview of The Satanic Temple, which they believe would benefit their local community.

The Arizona chapter has upcoming events that are announced across our social media platforms. However, TST AZ understands that these large-scale events are not always the most optimal setting to have a detailed conversation in regards to questions that one may have in regards to national campaigns, chapter activities and state chapter membership. In order to facilitate the endeavor, the TST AZ has been hosting casual dates and small intimate group gatherings, mostly in the Tucson and Phoenix metro areas, for interested applicants to meet the Council and connect with other members and allies of The Satanic Temple. These unofficial events are posted to The Satanic Temple Arizona Chapter Facebook group forum and Google Calendar. For the time being, the Facebook group is the best way to not miss a single TST AZ notification. Within the forum you will find unofficial events, member hosted gatherings, and Highway to Hell cleanup details and further discussion.

I encourage you to join TST AZ's Newsletter, as well as The Satanic Temple Arizona Chapter Facebook group forum; be sure to answer the three preemptive questions upon request. Within TST AZ group forum on Facebook, one will find announcements such as friendly gatherings over food, party invites, secular and/or humanist events, live-music events and much more.

Events do not always cross-post between TST AZ Facebook page  and TST AZ Facebook group, so be aware that these are the two locations on FB to see TST AZ events.

Official Membership to TST AZ is like gaining a family. TST AZ values the safety of all our members, therefore, will only extend Official Membership to those that have taken the initiative to familiarize themselves with our community.

The Arizona Chapter of The Satanic Temple continues to flourish along our sense of comradeship and it is all on account of our dedicated and altruistic membership scattered across the state. TST AZ aims to host more events in new cities, which will only strengthen our community while helping unify the chapter. Understandably, the chapter needs the assistance of the local community in the area to help make these events a reality – therefore, if you live in a city that needs the influence of TST AZ and you are willing to take an active role to achieve it, we encourage you to please get in touch with us.

TST AZ encourages innovative ideas that would resonate with The Satanic Temple's mission and 7 Tenets. As a chapter, we prefer to nurture the enthusiasm to those who show initiative, and get in touch with the chapter about their willingness to implement their ideas. Here is an excellent interview by our co-founder Lucien Greaves with one of my personal favorite quotes “Never Let Your Activism Be Artless”.

Rebellion begins in the mind. Those who are wanting to create a Satanic community in their area but aren't wishing to join a Satanic organization like The Satanic Temple just yet - Here are some helpful articles by TST Seattle Chapterhead Lilith Starr that provides helpful ideas on how to accomplish the task:

Activity Ideas for Satanic Organizations
How To Build A Satanic Community

Our aim within TST AZ is to create an atmosphere where those who are willing to learn have available resources to advance their knowledge about the Left Hand Path and Satanic philosophy; to provide a sense of community for Satanists, Atheists, and Free-thinkers; and to present opportunities that will inspire members to have a more active role within the chapter. You should minimally understand what TST is, and what TST is not. We are not an educational organization. We love to learn and share our knowledge with each other, but we are not here to teach you about Satanism. TST generously shares knowledge, resources, and original content through our sites and social media. We don’t expect you to be an expert, but we do assume you are self-motivated when it comes to learning. The more obvious it is that you are putting in effort to learn, the more likely it is that people will be willing to help you learn more. To learn more about Satanism and the Left Hand Path, please refer to The Satanic Temple's reading list.

Thank you for your support and interest in The Satanic Temple-Arizona Chapter. We look forward to meeting you!

Michelle Shortt
The Satanic Temple-Arizona