"PHOENIX – Late tonight Chairman Robert Graham of the Arizona Republican Party thanked the Phoenix City Council for standing up to those who tried to bully city leaders into permanently abolishing the practice of a brief prayer before official city council meetings."- from the Article

The Satanic Temple did not force the City Council to abolish prayer, they chose to do that out of their own ignorance and they made the decision to abolish prayer all-together to purposely keep us out; all we wanted was an equal voice in the city's open forum, as is our right.

Chairman Robert Graham calls us "petty tyrants — who have been misusing our rights to religious freedom in order to perform a publicity stunt" when in truth he is too blinded by his religious superiority that they have been the tyrants all along.

Religious Freedom belongs to EVERYONE, not just your religion. Every voice should have an opportunity to be heard, not just the majority, and if that threatens your faith enough to use your position to discriminate against a particular group then YOU, Chairman Graham, are the true bully.

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