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The rights of men and women are in the cross-hairs in many ways.
Reproductive rights and women’s health centers such as Planned Parenthood are very likely to suffer under proposed and likely to be proposed legislation at both the State and Federal level. Join The Satanic Temple- Arizona Chapter’s (TST AZ) efforts in improving the access to basic menstruation products for those in need by “Menstruatin’ with Satan”.

Schools are continuously underfunded.
School staff regularly have to provide supplies for their students using their personal funds. Often, school nurses do not have the budget to provide the necessary menstrual products that these young students need in order to have a safe and comfortable learning experience.

Menstruatin’ with Satan” is a campaign that aims to make menstruation products available to all people in need, especially those who may not be able to afford them without assistance. Menstruation is a non-optional physical reality for many people, and the continued stigmatization of menstruation is harmful to everyone. Through product donations, Menstruatin’ with Satan provides menstruation products for distribution to Arizona schools in collaboration with Go With The Flow.

Go With The Flow believes making period packs available is important because no student should have their education disrupted by the anxiety that can arise from not having access to essential menstrual items which can result in lower productivity in the classroom or worse, missing school altogether.  Menstruation should not stop education. Period.”

The Satanic Temple Arizona Chapter  and Go With The Flow hopes for the opportunity to collaborate with you in making a positive difference for the disadvantaged students within the community.  Our campaign will be running from May 13th, 2019 until July 13th, 2019, see the map and list below for businesses in your area who have compassionately agreed to host our previous drop-off locations:

If you are a business owner in the Tucson or Phoenix metro areas and would like to participate by having a Menstruatin’ with Satan drop-off at your establishment please Contact Us for details.

2019 Locations:

“What Do I Donate?”

TST AZ’s Menstruatin with Satan will accept new, in-box menstruation products such as pads and tampons. All items must be in the original packaging.

We’re seeking donations of:

  • Regular Tampons
  • Thin Maxi Pads
  • Small Menstruation Cups
  • Ipsy Bags

“Do you accept online donations?”

We do not accept monetary donations but you may still donate to TST AZ’s Menstruatin’ with Satan by purchasing items through our Amazon Wish List!

“Where do my donations go?”

Donations will be funneled to a variety of schools in Tucson, Phoenix and neighboring areas in the form of period packs, which are small bags that contain tampons and sanitary napkins. When a student at a participating school needs menstrual supplies, they can approach various school staff to obtain a period pack. Schools can contact Go With The Flow for additional packs whenever they are running low, helping to ensure a continuous supply of menstrual hygiene products for students at no cost to the school.

Go With The Flow was created in 2017 after its organizer, Demetra Presley, learned  about a teacher who kept bags filled with menstrual hygiene products in her classroom to give to students when they needed them. After reaching out to parents and school staff, her concerns were confirmed: that school budget restrictions did not allot for an adequate supply of menstrual hygiene products and the limited supply that was available, was often provided at the expense of school staff. An even more troubling find however though, was learning about the different ways students themselves would offset their need by making makeshift pads and tampons from socks, towels, toilet paper, or other miscellaneous items; rationing out the items they had which meant extending their use and subsequently, increasing the possibility of getting infections; or not attending school at all to eliminate the chance of staining their clothes and facing ridicule from their peers. 

Go With The Flow has provided period packs to over 30 schools in Arizona.  Their core belief is that no student should have to miss school or compromise their dignity because their bodies are engaging in a normal, healthy function such as menstruation! 

There are several different ways to support Go With The Flow from making a donation of menstrual hygiene products, hosting or attending  a period pack party, coordinating a donation drive, participating in our social media campaign, or spreading community awareness! 

This initiative could not be accomplished without the generosity of the community! If something as basic as providing menstrual hygiene products can keep students engaged in school and focused on their education, we believe it is an investment worth making!