In addition to participating in The Satanic Temple’s national campaigns, The Satanic Temple-Arizona members work within our local communities.

Current Campaigns

Menstruatin’ with Satan

The rights of women are in the cross-hairs in many ways. Reproductive rights and women’s health centers such as Planned Parenthood are very likely to suffer under proposed and likely to be proposed legislation at both the State and Federal level. Join The Satanic Temple- Arizona Chapter’s (TST AZ) efforts in improving the access to basic menstruation products for those in need by “Menstruatin’ with Satan” [Read more …]

Highway to Hell

 The first tenet of The Satanic Temple states that “[o]ne should strive to act with compassion and empathy towards all creatures in accordance with reason,” and it is with this in mind that the Arizona chapter has taken up its latest community action. Every year litter and road debris poisons waterways and soil, is consumed by wildlife, and causes 25,000 accidents across the country. In Arizona, we clear 590 tons of trash at a cost $3,000,000 and 150,000 hours of labor. It is our chapter’s wish to help other Arizonans enjoy a clean and beautiful state. [Read more …]

The Satanic Temple vs Scottsdale, AZ

Despite efforts by the city of Scottsdale (AZ) to undermine the lawsuit against the city by the Satanic Temple in regard to the council’s discriminatory invocation program, they have still failed to win a motion to dismiss the case. The suit was originally filed in February after (TST Arizona chapter head) Michelle Shortt’s invitation to speak at a meeting in May 2017 was rescinded by council officials, citing “lack of community ties” to the city. Legal counsel Stuart du Haan noted that this stipulation was not in effect when the invitation was initially approved in April, and thus it is clearly an attempt at discriminatory backpedaling by the council because they simply do not wish The Satanic Temple to have their say. [Read more…]

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TST Legal Counsel and TST AZ Media Liaison Stu de Haan, and TST AZ Chapterhead Michelle Shortt

Lord of the Ties

Lord of the Ties is a clothing drive hosted by The Satanic Temple Arizona Chapter that aims to collect specific clothing donations in the form of business casual and semi-formal attire.
TST AZ’s “Lord of the Ties” seeks to provide resources for disadvantaged people who wish to improve themselves by providing clothing and information to resources such as: resume building websites, upcoming job fairs, addiction-recovery programs, and sober living housing within Arizona. [Read more…]