Want to start your own Satanic community in your area? Here are a few helpful tips from The Satanic Temple – Seattle Chapter head Lilith Starr!

Do you crave connection with fellow Satanists and freethinkers? Take part in the Satanic awakening sweeping the globe: start your own local Satanic community. Here’s how!

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More helpful guidance:

Thank you for your interest in setting up a local chapter. The first step toward creating a local TST Chapter is to connect with fellow Satanists and like-minded supporters. Many people have taken advantage of social media to do this.
The next step is to discuss amongst yourself and your fellow prospective members what you would like a local chapter to accomplish; to that end we have a blank event/action proposal form, along with a sample form for you to examine.
We suggest you consider where in your community could benefit from Satanic insight. Please make your proposal action/initiative specific; for example, one could propose a Satanic discussion group or a protest action. If your proposal is approved, you will be offered mentorship through your initial action. If that goes well, you will have the opportunity to propose another; you may or may not be offered official chapter status at the discretion of TST’s Executive Ministry and the National Council at any point in the process. It should be noted that chapter status may not be offered for reasons including lack of local support or resources or lack of adherence to TST community standards, and that an application or approved action is not indicative of official chapter status.
For copies of the forms mentioned and a response uncannily similar to this one, please email us at
Thank you