Hello TST AZ members and allies,

Join us in The Satanic Temple – Arizona Chapter‘s next big adventure in beautiful Bisbee, Arizona. The Quarry Bisbee will be hosting this grand event A Satanic Cleansing on Saturday, November 19th, starting at 7pm.

Those who attend will have the opportunity to meet and greet TST AZ council and be entertained by a theatrical Satanic Ritual Cleansing in which attendants will have the option to participate in this ritual and cleanse themselves from all unnecessary religious burdens.

There will be live music by The Spider Hole-Please be sure to check out their page and listen to a few of their tracks. There will also Satanic Trivia with Games and Prizes for those who play.








Ritual is a powerful tool that can be used to commemorate a special event. The Satanic Temple is a nontheistic organization, however, we still use ritual and psychodrama to empower ourselves though metaphors and symbolism.

The first 30 people to arrive to A Satanic Cleansing in The Quarry Bisbee and pay $10, will have the opportunity to proclaim to the audience that they are breaking the arbitrary shackles of religious dogma that have bound them. This extra special cleansing will bring the 30 participants up on stage where they will be incorporated into the ritual. Each participant will get a crown of thorns keepsake, which was made with love by the members of The Satanic Temple – Arizona Chapter.

The guests that do not sign up will still be cleansed once the stage ritual is complete.

The violin performance during the ritual will be performed by the lovely Serena Rose. *swoons*

Flier by NAR TAC A

In addition to this fun-filled evening at the Quarry, there will also be a special collaboration with our favorite magician Magic Kenny Bang Bang earlier that afternoon before the event. He will be offering two special shows at discounted prices in The Bisbee Seance, one at 2PM and the other at 6PM.

Details for A Gathering of Ghouls

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Here are some photos of the venue, some of their exquisite food, and our lovely host Dana!

Here are a few lodging suggestions for our party guests. Many of us are planning on arriving in Bisbee the day before, Friday November 18th.
We hope that the other two casual gatherings that we have planned, Satan in the Park next Tuesday in Tucson and soon to be announced #CelebrateTheFall in Phoenix, to be a good way for people to start discussing carpools and lodging situations with their newly made friends.
Here are a few lodging suggestions that I screen shot from Google.

This will be our most glorious event yet! We hope to see you there. If you have FB please RSVP

Hail Satan!