We are pursuing damages against the City of Belle Plaine in Minnesota whereupon having gained the approval of the City Council to construct and display a veterans' memorial in their public park, The Satanic Temple had the offer for display rescinded only just prior to scheduling its placement on the public grounds. As The Satanic Temple does not want to set a precedent that demonstrates there is no consequence for merely waiting to see if we come through in constructing monuments that have no actual chance of being put on display, we asked damages from the city, a request that was tersely refused. We will soon be filing suit here, too. See TST spokesperson Lucien Greaves discuss the Belle Plaine memorial on Fox News with Tucker Carlson here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueeYIZs0xj4

(Excerpt taken from the National TST newsletter. To join the list, visit thesatanictemple.com/pages/join-us)