The Satanic Temple - Arizona Chapter proudly hosts As Witches Burn - A Dance Party!


Celebrate the Fall with The Satanic Temple Arizona Chapter’s third annual celebration at the Quarry in Bisbee, Arizona on Saturday, November 17th, 2018 starting at 9PM

Join us for this exhilarating evening where we free ourselves from the shackles of persecution in a night of music, debauchery, and liberation. Prepare to live deliciously and have your senses enticed with sights, sounds, tastes and smells that will leave you craving for more!

“One's body is inviolable, subject to one's own will alone.” - Tenet 3 of The Satanic Temple's Seven Fundamental Tenets.

All PREORDERED tickets to "As the Witches Burn" will receive Lucifer's Feather of Liberty as an event keepsake. During the performance portion of our evening, attendants who ordered feathers will be asked to step up and indulge as the Witches cast their spells.

(Feathers can also be purchased at the merch table, day of)

"The significance of the symbol of Lucifer’s Liberty feather is threefold:
1) It stresses that most important component of the Lucifer myth: the apostate angel’s revolutionary struggle for freedom
2) It underlines the Romantic refashioning of this liberty-loving Lucifer as beautiful rather than bestial
3) It designates the luminous rebel angel’s celestial revolt as the inspiration for terrestrial Man’s quest for self-determination." -The Satanic Scholar:

All are welcome to attend the event.    18+ to party, 21+ to drink

TICKETS (for As Witches Burn 11/17/2018) ARE ON SALE NOW.
With 3 different packages to choose from!
We look forward to having a wonderful night with you filled with blasphemy and debauchery. Be prepared for a memorable evening!
**Please bring your ID to the event to pick up your tickets at will-call.**
**Don't forget to book your room accommodations for the evening if you plan on staying the night.**


"As Witches Burn" T-shirt design

What do you get in the different package offers?

⚠️ Cut off date for shirt sales is NOVEMBER 1ST. The "As Witches Burn" Shirts are unisex and made to order. To ensure you receive the correct size, please specify in the appropriate section when purchasing your event package. (Or send us an email at ⚠️
  • Ticket Packages
    - $10 a ticket at presale, $12 at the door
    - $20 ticket + commemorative "As Witches Burn" event shirt (CLOSED)
    -$20 ticket + assorted merch bag with a retail value of over $30!
    -$30 ticket + commemorative "As Witches Burn" event shirt + assorted merch bag with a retail value of over $30! (CLOSED)

New TST AZ Merch is now in stock!

  • Chapter merchandise can only be purchased through our event
  • Cash and Card both accepted
  • Very limited amount of commemorative T-Shirts will be available at the event
  • Limited number of prints and full color stickers of the "As Witches Burn" T-shirt design will be available for purchase.

For your entertainment, there will be:

  • Live music performances
  • Libation and exotic dancing to will ensue As the Witches Burn.

**Costumes and party attire are encouraged. Don't forget those dancing shoes!**

**Use the hashtag #TSTAZAsWitchesBurn when posting photos at the event.**


 Performances by:

  • Black Baptist

    R.A Sanchez has been producing music for 17 years under different monikers and project names. His latest solo project, Black Baptist, is a complete rebooting of his artistry, focusing intently on creating frequencies that resonate in different ways to the human body and mind. Using bass guitar, vocals, saxophone, pedals and software he wrote to process the audio, each performance is a new, improvised composition, personalized for each audience.

  • Lana del Rabies

    Back, for a 2nd year, by popular demand...

    Lana del Rabies is the solo rhythmic dark electronic music project of intermedia artist Sam An. LDR's music references darker genres like noise, industrial and darkwave, without outright adhering to any single musical movement. Her first release In The End I Am A Beast was released by Los Angeles based label Deathbomb Arc in 2016.

    Description of LDR by Deathbomb Arc:

    "Producer and vocalist Lana Del Rabies combines beats, noise, synths and a passion for horror soundtracks into a futuristic brand of goth that still loves the technologically curious days of early death rock... Addressing the ever growing PTSD of American society, LDR is a dreamlike voice, at once conquering while still lost in the haze."

    "On her 2nd album, ‘Shadow World’, deep horizons of intensity and beauty manifest in ways anyone that has seen her perform live knows she is the master of."

    She has performed with Clipping, The Body, Planning for Burial, Rabit, M.E.S.H, Lingua Ignota, JPEGMAFIA, Ritualz, Machine Girl, Negativland, AJJ, Hide, Tropic of Cancer, Lower Tar, Coppé, and more. She has also played festivals, including HoCo Fest, and in museum spaces, including MOCA Tucson.

    LDR is based in Phoenix, AZ.

  • DJ Shiva Honey

    Closing out our decadent evening is DJ Shiva Honey 🎵📣

    Shiva Honey is an multidisciplinary artist and member of The Satanic Temple. She’s a singer, dancer, and visual artist but has most recently found herself focusing on constructing ritual performances, reading tarot, making ritual products with The Pentacle Path, and DJing.

    Shiva started her DJ career in Sao Paulo and Florianopolis Brazil, and now serves as a resident DJ at Detroit’s legendary goth spot, City Club.

    Shiva’s musical influences range from Rachmaninoff to Radiohead. Her DJ sets are intense, moody, and sexy, incorporating goth, rock, industrial, new wave and metal from the 60s to now. Her sets bring the sexy vampire club of your fantasies to life.

Honored Guests will include TST leadership from around the country!

  • Sarah Ponto Rivera, National Director of Grey Faction
    Sarah Ponto Rivera - National Director of Grey Faction returns to AZ as our honored guest!Rivera was a member of The Satanic Temple National Council for three years and is currently the Grey Faction National Director- a campaign of The Satanic Temple that documents, exposes, and counters the impacts of moral panics, while aggressively seeking to bring an end to pseudo-scientific mental health care practices that contribute to harmful conspiracist delusions. Rivera is also an active member of The Satanic Temple - Indiana Chapter.

    For more information on Grey Faction, please visit the website.

  • Dex Desjardins, Chapter co-Head of TST Albany
    Dex Desjardins co-founded The Satanic Temple – Albany Chapter (TST Albany) with Sekhmet Solas in early 2018. TST Albany grew from a Satanic community group co-founded by Dex in 2016.Still in its first year, TST Albany has already run a very successful Menstruatin’ with Satan campaign, collecting thousands of menstrual hygiene products for Equinox, Albany’s only shelter for homeless youth and victims of domestic violence.

    Dex joined TST in late 2015 after news of TST’s campaigns led him to learn more about Satanism and TST’s philosophy. In addition to his work with the Albany Chapter, Dex has been involved in direct action and behind-the-scenes research for Grey Faction and has collaborated on TST’s After School Satan Club.

    A historian by training, Dex is an voracious reader, an avid traveler, and has written and presented on the topic of history education under another name.

    For more information on TST Albany, visit their website.

  • Lana Navalia, Chapterhead of TST Santa Cruz
    We welcome TST SC Chapterhead Lana Navalia to her first TST AZ event as our honored guest!The Satanic Temple-Santa Cruz was founded in March of 2018 by Lana Navalia, Sadie Satanas, and Brenan Peterman who were previously members of Council of the now defunct San Jose chapter.In a short time TST SC has been a chapter, they have hosted the first Satanic holiday tree at "Christmas in the Park", as well as implementing a successful beach cleanup campaign in which they participated in multiple beach cleanups at Seabright State Beach.

    Sadie and Lana journeyed to Arkansas for the "Rally for Religious Liberty" where Sadie was a speaker. It is the goal of TST SC to continue to help keep their beaches clean in collaboration with Save Our Shores, to erect another Satanic holiday tree in San Jose, plus many other events and surprises along the way.

    Sadie Satanas is now a member of National Council while Lana Navalia is TST SC Chapterhead along with her co-chapterhead Brenan Peterman.

    TST SC thanks you for your support! They are proud to be a part of this amazing community! Hail Satan!

  • Chalice Blythe, TST National Council
    Joining us will be Chalice Blythe, TST National Council and National Director for After School Satan Club.Chalice Blythe is a Satanist, pragmatic activist and current collaborator with The Satanic Temple. Chalice established The Satanic Temple’s Utah Chapter in 2016 and continues to contribute and lead several ongoing campaigns on both the local and national scale. She is currently the National Director for The Satanic Temple's After School Satan Club, an extracurricular program whose aim is to counter evangelic proselytization in public schools, and a member of the National Council.
  • Sebastian Simpson, Former National Council and Former Chapterhead of TST West Florida
    Our next honored guest is back for his second round of Bisbee shenanigans, is Sebastian Simpson from The Satanic Temple - West Florida Chapter.

    Sebastian Simpson hails from Pensacola, FL. He is co-founder of TST’s West Florida chapter and has served TST as both a Chapter Head and member of National Council. His initial exposure to Satanism came by way of the Satanic Panic of the 80's and 90's. His formal introduction to Satanism was through the works of Anton LaVey. It was upon hearing of the Baphomet monument campaign that Simpson joined TST. He loves French fries (to eat) and animals (to pet).

    For more information about TST-WF, visit their Facebook page.

Special Thanks to:

  • The Hostest with the Mostest (Owner of The Quarry): Dana House

Dana moved to Bisbee, Arizona in 2012 from San Diego, and opened The Quarry Bisbee in August of 2014. She have always been a participant in alternative lifestyles and thought processes, so the LHP was a natural choice for her from the time she was a young child. Owning her own business, not tolerating the patriarchy, being a single mother who is now  married to a woman, and working very closely with addicts and society's downtrodden has reinforced her connection to the LHP and TST of Arizona. She believes that is very important to remain politically and socially responsible as an advocate for those that cannot in this country, and TST allows her to channel this passion.  For the last three years, Dana has graciously hosted TST AZ's end-of-the-year celebration and we look forward to bringing down the house, once again, this year!

"Special thanks to Dana House and all of the staff at The Quarry Bisbee for hosting The Satanic Temple - Arizona Chapter for the third year in a row. Somehow we manage to make every year wilder than the last!" - Stu de Haan, TST AZ Media Liaison and TST General Counsel.


Photos and Videos from the event!

-Thank you all who shared their photos and videos with us. To see more from this magical evening, please visit the Facebook event page.