Misreporting by the Associated Press compelled me to send off this email tonight [in response to this article on Arkansas Online] :

Mr. DeMillo —

I was astonished to read this report regarding Bill 1273 posted by the AP after I had spoken to you on the phone:
http://www.arkansasonline.com/…/arkansas-lawmakers-ok-bill…/ . The article states, “The bill would block a public hearing planned on a Baphomet statue the Satanic Temple has proposed near the Capitol.” As I explained earlier today, the Bill could not do this. The article acknowledges that “The Temple has said it doesn’t believe the measure can be applied retroactively,” but this isn’t a mere matter of “belief”, rather it is the informed legal opinion of an attorney whose letter to the Arts & Grounds Monument Subcommittee I had provided to you when it was originally sent. It strikes me as bizarre that the article makes no mention of the fact that our public hearing is scheduled for May 11th, and was scheduled after Bill 1273 passed in the House, AND was scheduled by the subcommittee after consideration of our legal letter and in acknowledgement of the fact that Bill 1273 can’t be applied to already-in-progress bid to erect a monument. Further, while I agree that the unlettered Mr. Rapert intended for the Bill to block our hearing, as far as I know, nobody (not even he) has acknowledged that as the purpose of the Bill, nor have they asserted that cancelling our hearing will be the natural outcome of the Bill’s passage. So, it seems, the only source for the claim that Bill 1273 blocks our hearing is the AP, and it isn’t supported by any facts at all. I think this dearth of facts elevates itself to the point of misreporting, and I hope it can be corrected.

Sincerely, Lucien Greaves


Excerpt from Article. Follow the link to read the full story

LITTLE ROCK — Arkansas lawmakers have approved a bill that would effectively block a push for a satanic monument at the state Capitol.

The Senate on Tuesday voted 27-5 for a House-backed measure preventing the state’s Capitol Arts and Grounds Commission from considering proposals to build or remove any monuments without legislative authorization. The bill now heads to Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s desk.