"The idea is that if you set up a bureaucratic approval process like that, that anybody has to go through, then it’s not discriminatory," Lucien Greaves said. "But it still is if you have the House or the Senate deciding which religious viewpoints they’ll sponsor for a bill or not. It doesn’t take away from the viewpoint discrimination aspect of it in the least."

"We reached out to everybody who could possibly sponsor the bill and bring it forward in the House or Senate, and nobody would do it, of course. We even got emails back from some people saying they wouldn’t do it because we were us — because of our viewpoint." That, he said, demonstrates "kind of a complete disregard for pluralism and constitutional liberty overall. I think that’s sad, and I think this is hopefully a lesson to some about what those things really mean and what they stand for. ... I hope ultimately, when all is said and done, people don’t see this as much as an attack on their religion as they see it as a fight for everybody’s religious freedom."

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